22 July 2019

Combating the Cybersecurity skills shortage

With a global spending prediction to exceed US$1 trillion by 2021, the need for prevention and preparedness putting IT firms ahead of the cybercrimes trends is a must. No wonder the number of unfilled cybersecurity jobs is expected to reach 3.5 million by 2021. This industry is now booming and many experienced IT professionals are now migrating to InfoSec or CyberSec specialisms. According to Cyber Security Ventures, the cybersecurity unemployment rate continues to hover around 0%.

15 July 2019

Who wins a talent war?

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26 June 2019

What can employers learn from hiring Millennials

Millennials are everywhere - they will account for about 75% of the world's labour force by 2025. Yet, even though they will soon outnumber their Generation X predecessors, the demand for their skills and knowledge is outstripping supply.  They may be able to command not only creative reward packages by today’s standards but also influence the way they work and where and how they operate in the workplace. They have a lot to teach to less diverse teams.  Are you ready?

11 June 2019

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22 May 2019

Our hands on IT Security Talent

With an outstanding pedigree in the IT sector in New Zealand, specifically IT Security, we are delighted to secure Teodora Bear as our Practice Lead, IT Security Talent. As a specialist in this domain, she is targeted on expanding our talent sourcing capability across the Information Security sector in the ANZ Security market.

16 May 2019

Our eyes on professional services

Meet Leigh Mackay, our set of eyes into the Professional Services and Executive roles at Presto.

19 March 2019

Meet Presto Resourcing in the UK this March

 Join some of the brightest and best in New Zealand IT - meet Presto Resourcing in the UK this March If you would like to work in New Zealand, Presto wants...

6 November 2018

Preparing your team for DevOps culture change

Among our customers and across the industry, we are seeing growing interest in DevOps and continuous deployment as a better way to deliver quality software, on time and on budget. DevOps brings a radical transformation in the way operations and production environments are managed, and this requires a step change in cultural values. It means that any successful DevOps initiative has to consider the impact on people and the way they work, as well as on processes and technologies.