IT Staffing Pipeline Development

Proactively source and secure the right talent against future business requirements from within your existing and future pipeline opportunities using these services.

Contractor management framework

Direct sourcing and managing of contractors is an additional overhead when engaging external resources to deliver projects or transformational change. We offer a robust, proven, and cost-effective model of doing this for you. Let us handle all commercial obligations so you can benefits from the convenience of a single vendor contract, single invoice and single point of contact and level of accountability.

This service will provide compliance and governance across NZ legislation and provide auditable reporting.

Recruitment technology advisory

Take the pain away from the decision to source, select and implement the right ATS or CRM Recruitment Technology layer for your business needs. This service not only includes matching the right tool but also ensuring that you have the right solution design in place to optimise the use of it in total alignment and compliance with your recruitment process workflow.

Talent pool development

This is a proactive talent pooling process to source, engage and secure the right talent against future business requirements. Talent pools allow you to campaign and engage with the passive job seeker before you need them. The right platform markets content to talent groups attaining top-of-mind status that increases cultural alignment and placement success. Effective pipeline development programmes are shown to significantly reduce cost and time to hire metrics. The improved ability to match the organisational ‘fit’ ensures the quality of hire and subsequently significantly increases the retention rate. Regular maintenance ensures your talent pool is accurate and current.