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By taking a holistic, long-term view of resourcing we can ensure a robust pipeline of talent for your project needs over time.

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By taking a holistic, long-term view of resourcing we can ensure a robust pipeline of talent for your project needs over time.

Resource Management & Augmentation: People, Process, & Technology

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Ensuring you have the right people at the right time is only getting tougher in a highly competitive talent market where tools, techniques and styles of engagement are rapidly changing. You need to be adept and adaptable to succeed. That’s where we can help.

While the traditional ‘transactional’ approach to finding talent still has its place, we’re not afraid to challenge that status quo in finding a better way. We support our clients across three key areas of talent delivery, setting the strategic framework, developing the supply pipeline and supporting your internal teams in executing the game plan. 

We bring 15 years of invaluable experience in the design and deployment of strategic talent acquisition business models. They remove cost and create significant and sustainable efficiencies to allow you to do what you need to do with the right skills available to do it.

Setting the talent delivery strategy

Create a roadmap to finding talent sustainably by developing a strategic sourcing framework that leverages expert techniques fit for your organisation’s resourcing need. Ultimately, this will set you up to consistently locate hard-to-find talent at a more commercially strategic price point long-term. 

Services include: 

Talent pipeline development

Proactively source and secure the right talent against future business requirements from within your existing and future pipeline opportunities. Our approach to talent pipeline development ensures you tap into all of your resourcing options, far beyond the approximate 25% of active job seekers. 

Services include: 

Outsourced delivery and administration services

We can work with you to augment your own internal talent acquisition capabilities, supporting your team and reducing agency dependencies through a number of cost-effective solutions. 

Services include: 

Tap into the power of our group

Presto is part of the Optimation Group, a large, trans-Tasman group of specialist technology companies. We have the expertise and scale to deliver the best talent as and when you need it.

Resource Management & Augmentation: Case Study

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We’ve provided strategic resourcing solutions for many organisations, big and small, to address all kinds of challenges.

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