Develop your talent acquisition strategy

Simply having a better plan could be the key to locating hard-to-find talent at a more commercially strategic price point long-term.

Here’s how we can help you create a roadmap to finding talent sustainably while leveraging expert techniques fit for your organisation’s resourcing need.

Talent acquisition audit

In order to enhance how you fill your roles and get to best practice, we carry out a detailed state gap analysis report that involves stakeholder engagement to evaluate talent attraction, engagement, hiring process and selection. This holistic approach to fill your rolls (talent supply chain) requires a deep dive across people process and technology. This service identifies areas that validate the ROI, provides quick wins and lays out the long term roadmap for talent sustainability.

Sourcing strategy design and training

Create expert talent sourcing techniques, both outside and inside your current TA function. This service will help quickly identify areas of weakness within your current talent strategy and allow an almost immediate uplift in talent sourcing performance. Expert talent sourcing training will shift your current approach from reactive to proactive through targeted talent mapping and strategic talent sourcing techniques to enable you to find and secure the right talent at the right time. Talent sourcing is an art and improving technologies and tools to help data mine across every platform available can create greater success at a lower cost than ever before. 

Digital marketing and employer branding

Introduce significant uplift in digital marketing areas such as EVP, candidate experience, social media marketing strategies and SEO tools and techniques. The looming workforce is more educated than ever before and needs immediate engagement to position you at the top of their decision criteria. How well you do this dictates the strength of your brand and the attractiveness of your organisation.

Workforce planning

Resource, capacity and succession planning present a rapidly changing landscape as business and technology requirements converge and evolve. We can help you shape that workforce through talent design ensuring the right skills are identified, internal career frameworks optimised, and hiring strategies are embedded in your future talent pipeline. This service looks to underpin your workforce strategy with smart technology that tracks and reports on internal and external talent availability and capability. Here we will build your strategy and provide the expert resource to manage it for the duration of the project.