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Presto Resourcing is a recruitment specialist providing strategic talent supply solutions. Presto is part of the Optimation Group.

"Our" and "We" means the Optimation Group, and "You" means any user of our website.  Mentum Systems Pty Limited, Optimation New Zealand Limited and Presto Resourcing Limited are all part of the Optimation Group. 

We are fully committed to ensuring the proper, open and transparent management and use of all personal information and/or data it collects and handles complies with applicable privacy laws. This privacy policy applies only to external personal information and/or data provided by clients, suppliers and other external third parties that we interact with.

This Privacy Policy sets out our policy on the management of personal information and/or data that it may receive or collect.

Personal information and personal data for the purpose of this Policy is defined as “any sort of information or an opinion about an individual, whether true or not”, and includes all personal data about an individual, or which can be used to identify an individual either directly or indirectly (referred to collectively as “Personal Information”).

If you send us an enquiry or provide personal information, we do collect and store your personal details, but we will not disclose this information to another party unless you authorise us to do this (or for law enforcement reasons).

We only use the information you provide us so you can access our website content and activities, or source more information.

Some parts of our website let you provide comments relating to this website or information provided on it. All comments will be regarded as public information. If any comments are made available on a public noticeboard, we do not make any representations about, endorse or accept responsibility for the content or views of those comments.

You may not make any comment which is defamatory, offensive or unlawful, so please don't. We will reserve the right to remove comments and other content at any time.

We do use aggregated information to measure visitor numbers to our website. This means we can see the pages that are the most value to you, and work on making our website better.

If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy, please don't hesitate to contact us at

Subject to verification of identity, any Personal Information held about an individual may be accessed, updated or corrected by contacting us.

Logging of information

In addition to any details you provide us, the server will record the specific transactions you perform when visiting this website. This information will be used for statistical purposes and to help us tailor the web user's experience. Web server logs are also kept for the purposes of generating site usage statistics and performing security auditing. The logs record information every time you request a page from the server. This information will not be used to identify you except in the event of irregularities in your use of the site. The information logged includes:

  • The time of each page request
  • The pages you requested
  • What web browser you are using
  • Your client IP address
  • What site you came to this website from.


Use of cookies on the website

When you visit this website, a small text file is placed on your browser – this is called a ‘cookie’. We use cookies for many reasons: to help you navigate the site efficiently, to perform certain functions, and/or to provide us with information about how this website is being used.

We use cookies on our site where they are required for particular features to work – for example, if you are a user who is logged in, cookies will allow you to remain logged in whilst you complete certain tasks.

Web analytics

We also use tracking cookies with Google Analytics- a tool used to analyse non-identifiable web traffic data in order to improve our services. This data is collected but cannot personally identify you.

Social media

We use social media integrations on some sections of our website to help communicate our messages and give you a good experience.

These social media services have their own privacy policies and may track your use of our website on those pages where their links are displayed using persistent session cookies. If you are logged into those services (including any Google service) while using our website, their tracking will be associated with your profile with them.

To disable all cookies

You will be able to set some level of control over cookies in your browser settings. This includes deleting them from your browser or completely disabling them.

Please be aware that disabling all cookies may affect your ability to use some of the features on your site.

To learn more about cookies and how you can manage them in your web browser, visit:

What Personal Information Do We Collect, From Whom And For What Purpose?

Presto Resourcing will only collect Personal Information that is necessary for its functions and activities. It will only collect Personal Information by fair and lawful means. We may collect and process personal information through a variety of means, including, as examples, access to our sites or services, employment processes, or correspondence with our representatives, through purchase of goods or services or in the course of an online services.  We collect and hold different categories of information depending on the services being provided. The following types of Personal Information may be collected:

a) Information about our Contractors and Suppliers

We collect directly from our contractors and suppliers, Personal Information about them. This Personal Information includes their name and contact details which allows them to be contacted.

From third parties, we may also collect feedback and information relating to our contractors and suppliers’ performance of services for us. This information is collected for the purposes of monitoring our contractors and suppliers’ performance of services and to ensure that we are able to provide the highest quality products and services to our customers.

b) Information about job applicants

Applicants for a position at one of our subsidiaries will be asked to supply details relevant to the job application such as name, contact details, information contained in CVs, driver’s licence or passport. We may also collect from third parties identified as referees Personal Information relating to the applicant. This information is used for the purposes of determining suitability for the vacant role.

c) Information about customers and their employees and customers

Personal Information may be collected from customers such as name, contact details, bank account and credit card details.

All customer Personal Information collected by us is used for our business functions and activities. These include:

  • for billing purposes and order fulfilment;
  • to contact customers about our provision of services;
  • to maintain account details;
  • to provide technical support e.g. account creation, password reset;
  • to provide information on request about our products and services;
  • to streamline and personalise customer experience while dealing with us;
  • to undertake customer satisfaction surveys and to tailor our information, services or products in order to improve and enhance those services and products provided to our customers.

We may also collect from its customers Personal Information relating to its employees and customers; for example, payroll information. This Personal Information is used so that we can facilitate the provision of the services our customers have requested.

We do not share contact information with third parties for their direct marketing purposes unless you agree to such disclosure.

Data Security

We take active measures to ensure the security of Personal Information it holds is protected from misuse, interference, loss and unauthorised access, modification or disclosure.

All our ICT devices, storage and channels are subject to continuous monitoring, logging analysis and audit. We may choose to contract a third party to perform those functions.

Our security systems are regularly reviewed and updated.

Disclosure and Retention of Personal Information

As part of providing services to a customer, we may disclose Personal Information to third party suppliers and contractors of services or retain and disclose Personal Information as authorised by law for example metadata.

We may disclose some Personal Information to its affiliated entities in countries in which we operate for the purposes of providing services to our customers, including technical support. Such disclosure is subject to the privacy laws applicable in the jurisdiction where that affiliated entity is located. A formal intragroup agreement is in place to ensure all Personal Information is properly protected at all times for transfers within the Group.

We only retain Personal Information for as long as required by applicable law or as needed for our business functions and activities. If Personal Information is no longer needed it is then destroyed or disposed of in a secure manner.

Website Browsing

Accessing our websites will result in some information being logged including the time of access, IP address and the pages that have been viewed or accessed.

Our websites may contain links to external websites. We are not responsible for the content or privacy policies that govern such external websites.

Privacy Issues

We have legal obligations under privacy legislation to hold information securely and to use it appropriately in accordance with our privacy policy.  If you feel we have breached these obligations, or have any questions about this Policy, or to raise any issues about privacy or data protection, please contact the Privacy Officer.


Due to the nature of the services that we provide, in most situations, it will be impracticable for an individual to deal with us on an anonymous basis. However, we will consider anonymous requests on a case by case basis.

If you are not satisfied with our response and the issue relates to a privacy concern or alleged breach by us, you may take your complaint to the relevant government authority responsible for privacy and data protection.


Last updated: February 2020

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