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11 June 2019

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Market Insights is a free online magazine issued every quarter by Presto. Its aim is to leverage the Job Market in New Zealand and Technology Trends, offering an up-to-date and solid curated content that enable employers and candidates to expand their knowledge and make better decisions.


At Presto, we’re IT experts first, not just another recruitment service.

As part of the Optimation Group, we draw on over 26 years’ experience of delivering IT projects across New Zealand. Ever since IT became an essential part of business there’s been Optimation. With this expertise inherited, the demand for our innovative services and solutions sparked diversification and development of our offering.

Creating the digital magazine Market Insights allowed us to spread the knowledge we’ve gained through these years of the local IT market, this way, enhancing more people to enjoy the opportunities and challenges we face, getting the attention of like-minded skilled people and business from all over the globe.

The first edition was launched in March this year and can be accessed here. With readers from the United States, New Zealand, Brazil, Australia, London, South Africa and France, the 10-pages magazine had over 140 viewers in the first week.

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