Grow or Build?

Grow or Build
1 July 2019

By Chris Young -  Client Manager, Talent Supply Solutions

We are blessed with an abundance of ambitious, commercial and innovative people in NZ. That we are trying to improve, enhance and expand is a credit to our population and the fact that we as a country are known for punching above our weight in so many areas. So it is no surprise that the companies we have here are also trying to grow. Or are they trying to build? Because there’s a difference and a right time for each option.

If you want to build your company, fill a skills gap in the short-term, or consolidate your performance, then go for a brick. Someone with an established skill set, who can be relied upon, perform from day one, and who will fit exactly the gap needed. Tried and tested, you pretty much know what you’re getting from the outset, the brick will probably not cause any issues with the other bricks around them, and you can definitely build on them, you just need other bricks to sit alongside and stack on top. 

But maybe you want to grow your company? Maybe you should plant a tree? Hire someone with some of the skills, a good attitude, and a desire to improve, and plant them in your company. They will probably require a bit more love (soil), nurturing (water), and encouragement (sunshine), but what you get out of it is so much more than you put in. A tree will grow to fill the skills gap you have, and it can branch out into other areas you weren’t expecting, providing much more value than what it cost you at the start.

Now don’t get me wrong, both options have great benefits. Bricks will allow you to execute faster, with greater certainty. They are stable, tried and tested, and probably available now. While trees over time will have a lot of branches and can broaden your reach into new areas. Given the restrictions of the NZ labour market, where there are only so many bricks to go around, and the cost of these is continually on the increase, perhaps it’s time to invest in a few seedlings. Hire someone that has potential, enthusiasm, and who can give you a return on that investment.

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